Matthew and Thomas Bergmann, ages 6 and 9

Matthew initially wanted to start because of all the martial art cartoons and programmes on TV! And when I brought both sons along to give it a go they both ended up joining. Matthew was only 5 when he started and the main reason for me was due to the clear structure and aims that he could see within reach at Taekwondo. My eldest has never had problem with concentration but my youngest has forever got ‘ants in his pants’! Taekwondo is great for channelling this energy. It’s really positive that the kids are always encouraged to get find strength and feelings for themselves, but also motivated to be respectful towards each other. I like that Taekwondo builds self confidence through the grading system and motivates them to persevere when things may be difficult.

Karen Bergmann - Matthew and Thomas Bergmann, ages 6 and 9