Zane Polin, age 7

I found out about the club from the banner outside the hall, and then looking at the website. Zane was at a different club before this one, but I didn’t feel that he was progressing, hence the reason for swapping to DS Taekwondo, where it’s 100% better. I wanted Zane to do Taekwondo to gain confidence in himself, improve his fitness and be part of a group outside of school. The club is welcoming and friendly, I like the fact that classes are taught in age groups and grades. I think that the teaching of the classes are well structured and disciplined, and feel that Dave communicates well with the kids and keeps their interest and attention well. I have noticed a positive change in Zane’s strength and fitness, and hope that he continues to progress well and gains higher belts. I know that Zane really enjoys coming to the DS Taekwondo so would recommend it to anybody wishing to give it a go.

Mum - Zane Polin, age 7