Jess Saunderson, age 12, May 2019

I joined DS TKD because it made me feel like I could escape from the real world. Now I have more confidence and feel like I can just be myself instead of having to impress everyone around me. Mr Shillabeer is very helpful and supports us a lot. I’d say if you are thinking about Read More …

Oliver Varley, age 8, May 2019

The first time I tried TKD was when Mr Shillabeer came to my school to teach us. We played lots of games and I really enjoyed it, so we decided to join the club and have looked forward to the lessons ever since. I have learned a lot more since joining and I am currently Read More …

Will Henwood (student himself and father of Rowan, age 6 also)

When looking for a club I liked the openness and friendly atmosphere at DS Taekwondo. When I brought my son along, he was nervous but Mr Shillabeer has brought up his confidence carefully and allowed him the space to develop. Taekwondo has made Rowan more keen to persevere with all activities and he really likes Read More …

Mother of Bill (age 10)

We enrolled our son after a recommendation from another student already at the club. We are very happy so far and so is our son. I  have found that my son has become more confident. He admires Mr Shillabeer and always says he is encouraged by him to be active, energetic and optimistic. Bill has Read More …

Mrs Tingle, Mother of Daniel (age 5)

Dan has settled into his new class really well. He loves to attend Mr Shillabeer’s classes and often show us what he has learnt at home! Mr Shillabeer has made us feel very welcome and has a perfect balance of being a teacher and understanding young children’s needs. Thank you!

Paul Greasley, Age 11, May 2019

I started TKD because I was immature and little self control. TKD has made me more disciplined and has also improved my flexibility. I enjoy it very much and would encourage others to give it a go!

Andy Barratt, Father of Sam (7)

We enrolled Sam into TKD following his experience of doing it one lunch time at his school. We felt that it would improve his confidence and would be a fun and supportive environment. Sam has come on loads, overcoming nerves to take gradings and has lots of fun under Mr Shillabeer’s instruction.

Sam Barratt, age 7, May 2019

I like helping out and setting up before the class and learning new moves. I really like getting a new belt and playing the games that we do!