Mr Dave Shillabeer has over 30 years experience in martial arts.

He holds belts in Wado-ryu Karate, Samurai Jiu Jitsu and TAGB Taekwondo, and has also trained in Kickboxing, Judo and Thai Boxing.

He has been studying Taekwondo since 1999 and is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt.

He is a qualified Umpire, Referee and Instructor with the TAGB and has been running his own school based in West Sheffield since January 2009, with a new school opened in Stannington in February 2015.

As with all TAGB instructors he is first aid trained, CRB checked and fully insured.

Alongside being the Club Instructor Mr Shillabeer is also an active competitor and regularly competes in patterns, sparring, musical patterns, power events and destruction.

 He was selected to represent the TAGB at the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International and performed in a demonstration in front of 25,000 people at Birmingham NEC.

He was also selected by 9th Dan National Squad Coach and TAGB committee member Grandmaster Kenny Walton to represent his team in the UK Area Championships.

He represented the winning England Team at the BTC Championships held in June 2012 and  the Silver medal winning England Team at the European Championships, held in Poland in October 2012.

He is 30 times mens black belt National Champion

at the English, Welsh and Scottish and British Championships

and has also been:

3 x European Bronze Medallist

3 x European Silver Medallist

3 x European Champion

3 x World Bronze Medallist

4 x  World Silver Medallist

and 7 x World Champion.

(current 6 x World Champion)

Over the last 10 years his classes have produced multiple local, regional, national and world champions.

Please see below for a couple of videos of Mr Shillabeer in action and his competitive history to date.

For More Photos and Videos please see the gallery page…..

Competitive History


British Champs- 4th Dan Plus Patterns- Gold

British Champs – Team Patterns – Silver

North Midlands Champs-  4th Dan plus Patterns- Silver

North Midlands Champs- Foot Power- Bronze

North Midlands Champs- Hand Power Bronze

North Midlands Champs- Tag Team Sparring – Gold

North Midlands Champs- Foot Destruction – Gold

TKDI World Championships – Grand Champion Power- Gold

TKDI World Championships – Destruction (Reverse Side Kick) – Gold

TKDI World Championships – Destruction (Side Kick) – Gold

TKDI World Championships – Foot Power- Gold

TKDI World Championships – Hand Power = Gold

TKDI World Championships – Musical Patterns – Gold

TKDI World Championships – 4th Dan + Patterns – Silver

TKDI World Championships – Team Patterns – Bronze

Lincolnshire Champs – Point Sparring – Gold

Lincolnshire Champs – All Dan Patterns – Gold

Lincolnshire Champs – Team Patterns – Gold

English – Team Patterns – Gold

English – Grand Champion Power – Gold

English – Foot Power- Bronze

Midlands- Grand Champion Power – Gold

Midlands- All Dan Patterns – Gold

Midlands- Continuous Sparring – Silver

Midlands- Hand Power – Silver

Midlands – Foot Power – Bronze


British- Grand Champion Power – Gold

British- Foot Power- Gold

British- Hand Power- Gold

British- 4th Dan+ Patterns – Silver

British- Team Patterns- Bronze

North Midlands- Grand Champion Power – Gold

North Midlands- Foot Power – Gold

North Midlands- Point Stop Sparring- Gold

North Midlands- Tag Team Sparring- Gold

North Midlands- Foot Destruction – Gold

TKDi European Open- 4th Dan+ Patterns – Gold

TKDi European Open – Tag Team Sparring- Bronze

Lincolnshire Invitational- All Dan Patterns – Gold

Lincolnshire Invitational- Point Stop Sparring – Gold

Lincolnshire Invitational- Tag Team Sparring – Gold

English- Grand Champion Power – Gold

English- Foot Power- Gold

English- 4th Dan plus Patterns- Gold

Midlands- All black belt patterns- Silver


British – Grand Champion Power – Gold

British – Foot Power –  Gold

British – 4th Dan+ Patterns – Silver

North Midlands – All Dan Patterns – Silver

North Midlands – Lightweight Sparring – Gold

North Midlands – Tag Team Sparring – Gold

TKDI World Championships- Tag Team – Bronze

Lincolnshire Open – All Dan Patterns – Silver

Lincolnshire Open – Tag Team Sparring – Gold

Lincolnshire Open – Team Patterns – Gold

English – 4th Dan+ Patterns – Silver

Midlands – Patterns – Silver


Welsh – Tag Team Sparring – Gold

Welsh – Sparring – Gold

Welsh – 4th Dan+ Patterns – Silver

Lincolnshire Open- All Dan Patterns- Bronze

Lincolnshire Open- Team Patterns – Silver

Lincolnshire Open- Tag Team Sparring- Gold

English- Sparring- Bronze

English- 4th Dan+ Patterns- Silver


British – 4th Dan+ Patterns- Bronze

British – Tag Team – Bronze

South East- Tag Team- Gold

South East- Sparring- Silver

South East- Patterns- Bronze

North Midlands- Tag Team Sparring- Gold

North Midlands- Sparring- Silver

Lincolnshire Open- Best Club – 1st

Lincolnshire Open- Point Sparring – Gold

Lincolnshire Open- Continuous Sparring – Silver

Lincolnshire Open- All Dan Patterns – Gold

Lincolnshire Open- Team Pattern – Gold

Lincolnshire Open – Tag team Sparring – Gold

TKDi European Open- Point Sparring- Gold

TKDi European Open- Musical Patterns – Gold

English- 4th Dan+ Patterns- Bronze

English- Sparring- Bronze

English- Tag Team – Silver

South Midlands –  Patterns – Silver

South Midlands – Sparring – Bronze

South Midlands – Tag Team – Bronze


British – Tag Team Gold

South East-  All Dan Patterns- Gold

South East- Continuous Sparring- Gold

South East- Tag Team Sparring- Gold

North Midlands- Foot Destruction- Gold

North Midlands- Power Back Fist- Gold

North Midlands- Tag Team- Gold

North Midlands- Point Sparring- Gold

World Championships- Point Sparring – Silver

World Championships- Freestyle Pattern – Silver

Midlands- Sparring Gold

Midlands- Tag Team Sparring Gold

Welsh – Patterns Silver

Lincs Open- Point Sparring Gold

Lincs Open- Tag Team Bronze

Lincs Open – Team Pattern  Bronze

Lincs Open- Patterns Gold

South Midlands – Sparring Gold

South Midlands- Grand Champion Silver

South Midlands – Tag Team Gold


British- Tag Team Gold

British- Patterns Gold

British- Sparring Silver

European Open- Team England- Silver

 European Open- Point Stop Silver

 European Open- Freestyle Patterns Silver

Scottish-   Patterns Gold

Scottish- Sparring Bronze

Scottish- Tag Team Silver

North Midlands- Sparring Gold

North Midlands- Patterns Gold

Midlands- Patterns Silver

Midlands- Sparring Gold

Midlands- Tag Team Gold

Welsh- Patterns Bronze

Welsh- Sparring Bronze

Lincoln- Patterns Gold

Lincoln- Point Sparring Gold

Lincoln- Continous Sparring Gold

Lincoln- Tag Team Gold

English- Sparring Gold

South Midlands- Patterns Silver

South Midlands- Sparring Gold

South Midlands- Grand Champion Gold


British – Patterns Silver

Lincoln- Patterns Gold

Lincoln – Point Sparring Gold

Lincoln – Continuous Sparring Gold

Lincoln- Tag Team Gold

Lincoln – Best Club Bronze

North Midlands- Sparring Gold

North Midlands – Patterns Gold

North Midlands- Foot Destruction Gold

North Midlands- Best Club Gold

Midlands – Patterns Gold

Midlands – Tag team Silver

Welsh – Patterns Gold

English- Sparring Silver

English- Patterns Silver

South Midlands- Patterns Gold

South Midlands- Pattern Grand Champion Gold


Worlds – Freestyle Pattern Gold

Lincoln – Point Sparring Gold

Lincoln – Continous Sparring Gold

Lincoln – Patterns Gold

Lincoln- Team Patterns Gold

Lincoln – Best Club Silver

South East- Patterns Gold

South East- Sparring Gold

South East- Tag Team Silver

Midlands – Patterns Silver

Midlands – Sparring Gold

Midlands – Tag Team Gold

Welsh – Sparring Silver

English – Tag Team Silver

South Midlands- Sparring Silver

South Midlands- Tag Team Silver

Sheffield TKD- Competitor of the Year


Sheffield Tkd – Competitor of the Year

Lincoln – Tag Team Bronze

Lincoln – Team Patterns Gold

Lincoln – Foot Destruction Gold

Scottish – Foot Destruction Gold

Scottish – Tag Team Silver

South East – Patterns Gold

South East- Sparring Gold

South East- Tag Team Gold

Midlands – Tag team Gold

Midlands – Patterns Bronze

North Midlands- Patterns Bronze

North midlands- Sparring Gold

South Midlands- Sparring Gold


South East- Patterns Bronze

South East – Sparring Bronze

South East- Tag Team Silver

Scottish – Foot Destruction Gold

Scottish – Tag Team Bronze

Midlands – Sparring Bronze

Midlands – Tag Team Gold

British – Foot Destruction Gold

WAKO Yorkshire Open- Sparring Silver

North Midlands- Sparring Gold

South Midlands- Sparring Gold


 Scottish – Tag Team Bronze

Interclub – Sparring Silver

Interclub- Tag Team Silver

Interclub – Patterns Gold


English – Foot Destruction Gold

English – Patterns Bronze


Worlds – Freestyle Pattern Silver

British – Sparring Silver

English – Sparring Bronze

English – Foot Destruction Gold


English – Patterns Gold

BSTF- Patterns Bronze

BSTF- Sparring Silver

BSTF- Foot Destruction Gold

South East – Sparring Silver

GTUK- Sparring Bronze


BSTF- Foot Destruction Gold

BSTF- Sparring Gold

BSTF- Patterns Gold

British – Sparring Bronze


Midlands – Patterns Bronze

Midlands – Sparring Bronze

British – Sparring Bronze

London Area- Sparring Silver

London Area- Tag Team Silver


English – Patterns Bronze

English – Sparring Silver


British – Sparring Bronze

Rickmansworth TKD- Student of the Year