Senior students

Taekwondo gives me the chance to learn self defence in a friendly, fun and structured environment. Thank you!

Luke McGillicuddy, age 22, May 2019

I decided to join a martial arts class because I wanted to get fitter, stronger and more toned. I wanted to gain confidence and I also like the opportunity to learn to defend myself and channel some natural aggressions. I wanted to join a class which would help me better focus on my personal health.

All of these things are true of DS Taekwondo/ I initially chose the group due to the proximity to my house and I knew several people already at the club.

It took me a long time to get the courage to have a go but since joining I have found the instructor to be highly professional and also really personable, approachable, friendly and genuine. I have been impressed by the high standard at DS TKD.

In all I really enjoy training at the club and highly recommend it.

Bryony ClementMarch 2018

Excellent class, Sir is an excellent teacher – very patient and doesn’t get mad when you get it wrong. A great bunch of fellow students too at my Stannington club.

Richard AllenMarch 2018

I started TKD after taking my 7 year old son to his lessons. I’ve never done any martial arts before my interest was sparked after seeing what was going on at my son’s lessons and his enthusiasm for it. I had a desire to try something different to keep fit and compliment my other activities so gave it a try. I can honestly say that by the end of the 1st lesson I was hooked.

My first grading was passed shortly after and each subsequent grading has strengthened my desire to improve and learn more. The classes turned out to be even better when experienced as a participant. We do fitness, self defence, with some fun games thrown into the mix. While the overall structure aims to teach the syllabus- no two lessons are the same.

Also, for me, Mr Shillabeer delivers the lessons with a good mix of expertise, instruction and humour. Moves that used to be difficult have become like second nature. There is no looking back for me now- my aim is to achieve my black belt – seems obvious as an aim for a martial artist but it really wasn’t anything I’d even thought about 2 years ago and now I can see that is achievable.

If you are reading this and wondering about starting yourself or your children then why not come and give it a go…there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain whatever your current abilities may be.

Neil HarrisonMarch 2018

DS TKD is the perfect antidote to my busy life. I find training is extremely therapeutic, allowing me to regain my sense of self whilst reducing stress & improving mood. The instruction received from Mr Shillabeer is first class, providing a structured & motivational environment to push yourself physically.  In class people of all abilities work within their own limits, feeling comfortable & confident as they do so. Due to my TKD training I’m becoming fitter, stronger & more agile. My body is leaner & more defined. It’s really motivational to see an increase in fitness levels coupled with improving technique. Being able to throw cool kicks really does feel awesome!

It is an honour to be part of such a great club. At DS TKD, no matter what your age, gender, career, social status.. none of that matters. Everyone is training towards a common goal & more importantly, everyone is having fun! No one judges you. You can forget about everything outside of TKD and really focus on you & your health. It feels so good to work through the TKD syllabus feeling proud of what you’ve achieved & looking forwards to the next skills that you will learn.

I would honestly recommend this club to anyone; to individuals with no experience of any sport, to individuals who are proficient in martial arts. My advice would be, don’t procrastinate. Go along, give it a go and see for yourself.

Laura WhitehouseMay 2018

Laura Whitehouse, 28

Taekwondo is such an amazing way to spend my free time. It keeps me fit, reduces stress, teaches me new skills and is most of all…FUN!

I joined DS Taekwondo one year ago as a complete beginner; having never been part of any martial arts club or ever taking part in competitive sport. When I was waiting for my first class, I was so nervous it would have been easy to turn around and go home… but sticking around was such a great decision. The class is so warm and friendly that I immediately felt relaxed. The people I have met through Taekwondo are great and I have made some really strong friendships. I thought that coming into Taekwondo so late on would be a hard task, but Mr Shillabeer’s teaching techniques are exceptional. This has been proven in a recent competition where I came home with three medals…a bronze, silver and GOLD! This is an accolade not only my new [super cool] skills, but to the support and encouragement received from my club mates. Each and every day I can see the benefits of Taekwondo. When I am at work, I am more alert. When I am at home, I am more relaxed. I am quicker on my feet, faster, stronger and more agile. My general well being and lifestyle have improved, making me feel healthy and really happy.

I have a lot to thank DS Taekwondo for and I would recommend the club to anyone.

Steph Dunn, 24

The club has a really supportive and friendly atmosphere. We have a laugh as well as learning new skills in a well structured and executed programme. I won gold medals in competitions within a year of starting and the whole thing has been great for my legs!

Martin Bialowas, 26

I have trained under Mr Shillabeer for the past 2 years now and he has guided me through to blue belt. I would like to praise my instructor for his huge levels of patience and excellent ability in both teaching and actual performance. I was a little dubious when starting out, a grown man with little-to-no experience in martial arts. However my fears were soon put to rest, after just a few lessons at the club. To date, I have managed to complete several gradings and competed at national and local level competition. Achieving a total of six podium finishes in patterns and sparring including two golds! I can wholeheartedly recommend the whole experience, as for me, it has been utterly worthwhile. I am now fitter and stronger than ever before; more confident ; feel safer and I have also made lasting friendships along the way.

Georgina Lyons, 27

I started Taekwondo because I wanted to get fit. I had not done any exercise since PE lessons at school so I was worried I might be out of my depth. I needn’t have worried- everyone can learn at their own pace and it’s a real sense of achievement each time you get a new belt. Taekwondo is really good fun and also sociable. I achieved my goal of improving my fitness and made some new friends along the way.

David Coast, 28

I never really enjoyed sport and always found the gym boring. TKD is a fantastic way to get fit because its varied and fun, so you almost don’t realise you’re getting a good workout. Every lesson is different and you always have new goals to progress towards. It can also give you a sense of focus and structure that you can apply to other areas of your life. Most of all, you get to train with a great bunch of people. GIVE IT A GO- YOU WON”T REGRET IT!

Cherry Usborne, 25

I have tried many different exercise classes and Taekwondo is the most enjoyable and most all round exercise by far. I’ve never been ‘sporty’, I’m not very coordinated and before I discovered TKD I had never been able to commit to any hobby. I don’t have a natural ability, but after dedicating just 2-3- hours a week over 4 years, I have achieved black belt level and continue to learn more every lesson. I have never felt more healthy and I love being part of a fun, non-judgemental community of people who are always willing to offer assistance when you are struggling and to celebrate with you when you succeed.

Andrew Foster, 41

It’s in those unrepeatable moments like when I caught my car keys with my foot and an egg as it rolled off the table that I appreciate the speed, agility and coordination that TKD has opened up to me! Not to mention that I’ve never felt fitter, stronger, more toned or more confident in my entire life. I can’t imagine not practising TKD now I’ve found it, I just wish I’d found it sooner and met the people earlier that I now look forward to training with on a regular basis.