North of England Area Training Sessions – March/April 2019

Only applicable to red belts and above.

You must attend one of these sessions every 6 months to be eligible to take your next grading.

If you are going for your black belt in April or a promotion to your next Dan grade then you must make all three sessions.

If you cannot make any of these sessions please see Mr. Shillabeer for the dates./times of the area training sessions for other areas.

You must sign in the book to prove you have been and get your license book stamped.

White Doboks only

All sessions cost £5.00 (payable on the door) or cost is included if you are grading
Doors open 30 minutes before start.

1st session

Sunday 29th March
Arch Bishop Beck Catholic Sports College, 55 Long Lane, Liverpool, L9 7BF

1st/2nd kup 10:30-12:30
Black belts: 12:00-14:00

2nd session

Sunday 5th April
Bradford Unique Lifestyle Gym, University of Bradford, Sherborne Rd, Bradford BD7 1RB, UK

1st/2nd kup 9:30-11:30
Black belts: 11:00-13:00

3rd session

Sunday 19th April
Forge Valley School, Wood Lane, Sheffield, S6 5HG

1st/2nd kup 11:30-13:30
Black belts: 13:00-15:00