December 2020 lessons

All Little Ninjas and junior classes are on as normal at Wesley Hall and Forge Valley on Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun.

Due to lockdown rules senior classes (anyone over 18) must continue via Zoom.

Times will be as follows:


  • Little ninjas 4.10pm-4.55pm
  • Junior beginner 5.05-5.55
  • Junior adv 6.05-6.55
  • All seniors 7.30pm on Zoom *


  • Little ninjas 5.10-5.55
  • Junior beginner 6.05-6.55
  • Junior adv 7.05-7.55
  • All seniors 8.30pm on Zoom *

* Adult Zoom classes: as previously advised, you may attend any of the classes, not just your normal training day. Each week, you may also attend double the number of classes you pay for. So if you pay for 1 you can attend 2, pay for 2 you can attend all 4.

Last lesson of the year will be Friday 18th.

Please transfer your normal training fee for December and any lessons missed over Xmas can be done as catch up sessions in January. Thank you.

Any questions get in contact.

Kind regards.
Mr Shillabeer