Dates for your diary – patterns day, grading and more

See Diary dates – outdoor and senior training and a special offer for updates.

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Patterns Day

Sat 13th March

Patterns day (please try and attend if you missed the last one).

Session 1

4 Directional punch exercise 1 and 2

Session 2

Chon Ji

Session 3

Dan Gun

Session 4

Do San

Session 5

Won Hyo

Session 6

Yul Gok

Session 7

Joong Gun

Session 8

Toi Gae

Session 9

Hwa Rang

Session 10

Choong Moo

Session 11

Kwang Gae

Session 12

Gae Baek

Session 13

Po Eun

Mock Grading

Sat 20th March

See Mock grading, March 2021 for full details.

Formal Grading

Weds 31st March

See Formal Grading – March 2021 for full details.

Training in the dojang – under 18s

Monday 12th April

All students under 18 can train in the dojang again!

Outdoor training

Sat 17th April & Sat 1st May

Outdoor training session for everyone.

Venue/times to be announced.

Training in the dojang – everyone

Mon 17th May

All student now allowed to train indoors again!

Mon 1st June

Social distance measures removed…back to contact training and comps etc.!


To book your place you must pay in advance online to the same account you pay your training fees please.

Patterns day/ mock grading/ outdoor training sessions…. £5 each.

Formal grading £33.

And finally…

There is light at the end of the tunnel guys.

Hope everyone is continuing to stay strong in body and mind and showing indomitable spirit in these hard times.

Hope to see everyone at these events.

Any Q’s please let me know.

Kind regards
Mr Shillabeer