Grading info, May/June 2022


  • 11th June – info on formal grading
  • 27th May – added planned start times for mock grading

Mock grading

Saturday 28th, May

Wesley Hall Church. Crookes Rd, S10 1UD

Below are the planned START time.

There is no warm up etc. So please be ready to go. There is limited changing space so please come ready in your dobok.

Due to the nature of gradings timings are not exact. You may be slightly before or after this time.

  • 10:00 – White belts
  • 10:25 – Yellow stripes
  • 11:00 – Yellow belts
  • 11:20 – Green Stripes
  • 11:40 – Green belts
  • 12:30 – Blue belts
  • 12:45 – Red stripe and above

£5 payable in advance, if you have not yet paid, please do so now.

Mock grading is the students best chance to see if they are ready for the real grading. It is conducted with the same formality and procedure and will help the student best prepare themselves for the real grading two week slater.

All students receive written feedback to help them improve. If you cannot make your start time please speak to Mr. Shillabeer and we will try to accommodate you.

Formal grading

Sunday 12th, June.

5pm start.

Forge Valley School, Wood Lane, Stannington, S6 5HG.

Gradings cost £33.


Important information

Due to the nature of gradings it is not possible to have exact start times. The times below are a rough guide.

Your group may start a bit earlier or later than planned so it’s best to arrive early and be prepared and ready to go when called up.

There is no warm up so leave time to do this for yourself.

If you miss your group then that’s it, you will need to wait until next grading in 3 months time.

If you haven’t provided a photo yet white belts please come early to the grading around 4.45pm and hand one to Mr Shillabeer. I suggest white belts come early and practice in the dojang.

All students that haven’t handed in their red licence book please leave it in the box outside the dojang.

Parents will not be permitted in to watch this time.

Group times

  • 4:15pm – All white belts and yellow stripes may come into the Dojang to get your bearings, warm up and have a practice
  • 5:00pm – All white belts and yellow stripes
  • 5.20pm – Yellow belts and green stripes
  • 5.45pm – Green belts
  • 6:00pm – Blue stripes and above
    Please have most of your sparring gear on as we will probably spar first

Any questions please ask Mr. Shillabeer.

Stannington classes

All classes for 12th are cancelled.

Normal catch up rules apply, see Catching up lessons for full details.