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Update Featured Slider photos

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The Featured Slider is a feature of the theme we use on the site (see Appearance -> Customise -> Featured Slider in the admin menu).

It allows the Featured Image from one or more pages to be displayed in a photo carousel (slider), which we have configured on the home page.


The Featured Image is setup to try an make it easy to add new photos and remove old one so that the images shown are fresh.

Ten pages have been set up as child pages of the Front page image slider photos (Appearance -> Customise -> Featured Slider in admin menu) page. These pages are pre-selected as the pages that provide photos to the Featured Slider and are named “Featured Slider photo xx” (xx being a number from 01-10).

Changing a photo

All photos used in the Featured Slider need to be in the WordPress Media Library. If the photo is not already there, refer the Upload images, photos and videos help page.

To change a photo in the Featured Slider, yo need to change the picture in one of the ten pages set up, as noted above.

Go to the http://dstaekwondo.co.uk/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page page and find the page you want to change, hover over it and select Edit.

In the right hand page menu:

  • click the Featured Image section title to expand the section (if it is not already expanded).
  • click the Replace image button
  • select the new image form the Media Library
  • click the Select button
  • edit the page text – usually a brief title for the picture -to reflect the subject of the new photo added as the Featured Image
  • click the page Update button (top right) to save all changes