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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions…..

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What is Taekwondo

Taekwondo is both an ancient Korean Martial Art and a globally practised sport.  The words Tae Kwon-Do translate to mean “The Art of Hand and Foot”. It is a form unarmed combat which is very effective for self-defence, involving skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and restraints. Most of all Taekwondo is about self-imposed discipline, fitness and inner peace. Its origins go back 3,000 years ago. This provides its practitioners with a link to a tradition and philosophy which is truly historic. The art itself however has evolved with time to reflect the needs and aspirations of the modern martial artist. Since it’s inauguration in 1955, it has grown to become the most popular martial art in the world with an estimated 156 million people practising in over 150 countries.

What is the TAGB?

The Taekwondo Association of Great Britain is the largest martial arts association in Europe. With 35,000 members in over 700 clubs nationwide we provide you with high-quality tuition, regularly run national competitions, seminars, training camps, added benefits high-profile events, as well as a fun, safe way to get fit and meet people who are as relaxed, dedicated and interesting as you. The TAGB is headed by a committee panel made up of 8 of the most experienced Taekwondo practitioners in the UK.

Am I too old to start?

NO! We have people training in our clubs between the ages of 4 and 80. We believe you bring in Taekwondo your own self-imposed limits and we’ll do our best to help you expand them. Age is just a number.

How old must my children be before they can start Taekwondo?

Children as young as 4 and a half years old may start Taekwondo. Our instructors are trained in creating a teaching syllabus which is specifically aimed at young children and is not just a truncated version of an adult one. As such, young children will receive the best possible tuition which will help their fitness, motor-coordination skills and mental discipline. Our Little Ninja’s class keeps the emphasis on making exercise fun whilst instilling key principles such as self control, self confidence and respect.

Do I have to be fit before I join?

No. There are no minimum levels of fitness required- Everybody is an individual and Taekwondo will help improve your level of fitness, whatever that may be.

Do I have to be flexible?

No.  Regular exercise and stretching will soon help you improve your level of flexibility.

Do I have to have a special uniform?

Initially loose fitting clothing such as a tracksuit and T-shirt would be fine. We do ask however that if they wish to grade all our members wear a regulation TAGB white suit (called a Dobok) and the belt indicating their level of skill.

Who will be in my class?

We currently have our class split into categories. Little Ninjas are 5 to 7 year olds, Juniors (8- 13) and Seniors (14+). The communication and physical skills of children are different to those of adults and our training curricula reflect this. Although there may be students with a bit more experience and training under their belt than you in your class, we also split our classes into beginner and advanced so you never feel out of your depth. You will learn techniques applicable to you and your grade, and you can learn at your own pace with no pressure to grade.

Will I be able to defend myself?

Yes! the skills you will learn will enable you to react to different attack situations using either blocks, restraints, punches or kicks that you have been taught in class.

Do I have to grade (take belts)?

No! It is purely optional. A belt is a visual sign of how good an individual is! All new beginners are given a FREE uniform and white belt indicating the first level of Taekwondo. We’d like to think that the challenge of learning a dynamic, thoroughly modern martial art will inspire you to set goals for yourself. The belts you gain in our grading system could be part of this goal-setting. We know, however, that there are as many reasons for doing Taekwondo as there are Taekwondo practitioners in our clubs. If you are quite happy not to grade we will still be happy to have you as a member.

Can I achieve my black belt?

Yes! A black belt is an indication of sound knowledge and technical competence in Taekwondo. That means you can achieve one irrespective of your age and physical ability. Starting with the white belt which is given to you at the beginners class there are ten steps to black belt. Each step has a discreet, manageable level of technical expertise and knowledge to learn. To get to black belt it will take  just over three years approximately. The process is especially designed to enable you to become mentally and physically competent at Taekwondo.

Do I have to enter competitions?

Entering competitions is purely optional. The competitions are held regionally, nationally and internationally and are split into men, women, cadet male, cadet female, boys and girls, in your own belt divisions and then into weights for adults and cadets, and heights for children. The TAGB has the most professionally run Tae Kwon Do tournaments in Europe. This allows you to gain valuable experience, meet like-minded individuals from all over the country and generally have some fun while indulging the competitive element in you. There is never any pressure however to enter a competition, however if you want to compete – Mr Shillabeer is multiple National, European and World Champion in several different events and has won over 200 medals and trophies over a 20 year competitive career so is in a very good position to help you achieve your goals.

Does Taekwondo cater for people with disabilities?

Yes! Taekwondo is the great equaliser. We pride ourselves on seeking a person’s worth not the particulars of their circumstances. This is why our instructors will strive to make Taekwondo fit your abilities. The TAGB has black belt students and instructors who have disabilities, i.e. they are amputees, or have hearing or sight impediments. We take the view that Taekwondo is the key that helps you unlock your own potential. This is the same for everyone however able-bodied they may be.