Kerry Polin, Mother of Zane, 7

I found out about the club from the banner outside the hall, and then looking at the website. Zane was at a different club before this one, but I didn’t feel that he was progressing, hence the reason for swapping to DS Taekwondo, where it’s 100% better. I wanted Zane to do Taekwondo to gain confidence in himself, improve his fitness and be part of a group outside of school. The club is welcoming and friendly, I like the fact that classes are taught in age groups and grades. I think that the teaching of the classes are well structured and disciplined, and feel that Dave communicates well with the kids and keeps their interest and attention well. I have noticed a positive change in Zane’s strength and fitness, and hope that he continues to progress well and gains higher belts. I know that Zane really enjoys coming to the DS Taekwondo so would recommend it to anybody wishing to give it a go.

Mr and Mrs Sutton Sprenz, Parents of Joshua, 6

We found about DS Taekwondo through friends whose daughter was already a member. Mr Shillabeer’s enthusiasm and reassurance when speaking to him on the phone when finding out more and the offer of a free trial lesson made the decision easy to bring our son along. The possibility to pay monthly is also good as it gives good flexibility. Our aim for our son was to enjoy a sport where he can build his confidence with clear rules (and to burn off energy!) and in a safe environment. Mr Shillabeer and all the children and parents were very welcoming and there is a lovely atmosphere about on training days. It is great to see the children develop and to celebrate their TKD successes with them, not just in TKD but also as a person.

Alison Twigg, Mother of Archie, 10

As a parent of a lively 10 year old boy, I feel DS Taekwondo is the perfect activity for my son. Twice a week he enjoys channelling his energy into learning new skills in a safe and friendly environment. Dave is an excellent instructor, keeping the kids attention and making each lesson fun.

Ged Morris, 43, Father of Daisy and Connie (7, 5)

My two daughters have a great time at DS Taekwondo. The eldest started 18 months ago and is half way to being a black belt. They both really enjoy it and besides the obvious benefits such as fitness and self defence we have also noticed that they have made lots of new friends and are also able to focus more in other areas, for example with school work. After taking them to classes for a year it dawned on me that I could be learning TKD as well and then we’d have an activity that we all shared. Now we can practice TKD together at home and have taken part in competitions which make a great family day out and is great for building self confidence. I’d say to other parents …bring your kids along so they can try it, the first few lessons are free, and when you do- why not have a go yourself!

Karen Bergmann, Mother of Matthew and Thomas, (6, 9)

Matthew initially wanted to start because of all the martial art cartoons and programmes on TV! And when I brought both sons along to give it a go they both ended up joining. Matthew was only 5 when he started and the main reason for me was due to the clear structure and aims that he could see within reach at Taekwondo. My eldest has never had problem with concentration but my youngest has forever got ‘ants in his pants’! Taekwondo is great for channelling this energy. It’s really positive that the kids are always encouraged to get find strength and feelings for themselves, but also motivated to be respectful towards each other. I like that Taekwondo builds self confidence through the grading system and motivates them to persevere when things may be difficult.

Mrs Armitage, Grandmother of Jake and Ben (13, 10)

As the granny who takes the boys to Taekwondo I’ve had many experiences that’ve shown me how beneficial Taekwondo is for children. It is great to see them be helpful and supportive to each other as a team at competitions, which is a great day out too. Also I get to see how excited they are when they get their next belt after a successful grading. It makes me proud to see a group of girls and boys who come from all different walks of life cheer as a fellow student gets their new belt.