Junior students

I like TKD because it could save my life by defending myself from bad people. I started because I wanted to make new friends. I want to achieve a black belt. I think TKD is good for children of all ages!

Joshua Lee, age 9March 2018

I like TKD because you have fun while learning new moves and self defence skills. I started because if you get attacked you can do your moves and stay safe. You learn new moves at each belt and I am trying to learn ‘straight finger tip thrust’ which is hard. I would say to other people they should come and try it because its great fun and learn self-defence.

Tille France, age 8March 2018

I like that taekwondo can teach you to defend yourself. I started because It looked good when I tired it at ARCHIE Camp. I would like to get my black belt. I have also made some nice friends. I really enjoy doing Taekwondo!

Jacob Firth, age 8March 2018

I love TKD because when we learn and practice our moves we do it in a fun way. I started because Mr Shillabeer came to our primary school and a load of my friends joined I tried it too. I have learnt lots of things like how to be safe and how to defend myself. I would like to earn a black belt and higher! The club is really good and I recommend the club to other people as its useful if anyone attacks you and the achievement you feel when you get a new belt is great and you feel proud. I like the fact it makes me stronger and fitter.

Thomas France, age 11March 2018

I really enjoy Taekwondo and the reason I started was so I could learn to defend myself. Plus it is good fun and I could help others to defend themselves. I’ve also made new friends!

Maddie Thompson, age 9March 2018

Taekwondo has guided me throughout all my gradings. I’ve made lots of friends and I’ve trained and had lots of fun with them. My greatest achievement is my new belt. I am proud to be a member of DS Taekwondo!

Kai Harrison, age 9March 2018

I started TKD after Mr Shillabeer came to my school and taught us for 6 weeks. I really enjoyed the lessons and so decided to join the club at Forge Valley. I’ve been training for 2 and 1/2 years now and really look forward to going to TKD each week. I have met new friends, learnt new skills, it keeps me fit and has built self confidence. I would say to anyone considering coming- just go for it- its loads of fun and you can learn lots of skills.

Alfie Broughton, age 11March 2018

I like TKD because you get to play lots of games like ‘dodge-pad’ and ‘evil ninjas’!

Uzair Wani, age 7March 2018

I really enjoy TKD because it is very fun and I learn to defend myself. I would like to achieve my black belt. I would tell anyone thinking about TKD to do it- Its great fun!

Willow Hutchinson-Dean age 11March 2018

I like the games and the club is good. I started because my brother had started. TKD makes me stronger and I want to earn a black belt.

Mia Simmonig, age 6March 2018

Khalid Ali, 14

I first started TKD when I was 10 when a leaflet came through the door and my brother wanted me to go with him. From Taekwondo I have learnt to always be courteous and to persevere as the tenets of TKD encourage you to do. My favourite parts are patterns, sparring, gradings and competitions. After 4 years of training I achieved my black belt and now I want to work towards becoming an instructor. Its worth doing TKD because you meet new friends, you learn how to defend yourself and you get fit too. I really like Taekwondo and I want to keep doing it as long as I can!

Archie Twigg, 10

Taekwondo has been my favourite hobby for the last 9 months. The main reason I joined was because I was getting bullied at school. I think Taekwondo has improved lots of things for me, like self control and focus. It is very good for getting fit and making new friends.


Joshua Sutton-Sprenz, 6

One of my friends was already doing Taekwondo so I wanted to give it a try. I was a bit nervous before my first lesson but really enjoyed it! I am hoping to get my black belt one day so I am working hard. Taekwondo is cool and good fun. You might be a bit scared before your first lesson, but once you are doing it, its great!

Samuel Lee, 14

After getting my Black belt I felt a lot more confident in than I ever have before. DS Taekwondo gave me the opportunity to make new friends, and it also keeps you healthy.



Zane Polin, 7

I wanted to join a Taekwondo club because I had a friend who did it who said that it was good. I also wanted to do different exercises to what I already do and I wanted to gain higher belts. DS Taekwondo is fun and friendly. After my first lesson I wanted to join. I enjoy doing pattern work and games at the end of the lessons, also I’ve made lots of new friends. My fitness has got better since being at TKD and I feel happy and proud because I’ve passed my first grading and got a new belt. In the future I would like to enter competitions and get higher belts. I would say to anybody thinking about joining, come and do it! It’s great!

Connie Morris, 4

I like Taekwondo it makes you feel happy and the exercise is fun and makes you stronger. I’m really proud of myself because I can remember my patterns. You should try it because it is really good.


Daisy Morris, 6

After my first few lessons I felt happy because I had been exercising. I started because I liked learning the new moves and theory. I think its helped me because I can use it for self defence or to help my little sister. We have learnt how to deal with bullies without having to use Taekwondo too.


Matthew Bergmann, 7

I wanted to start because it looked good. I wanted to try and get belts in Taekwondo. I really like the games we do.



Jensen Harrison, 6

I like patterns and fun warm ups and games at the end is my favourite part!



Ali Asker, 11

I love Taekwondo!




Asa Gudmundsdottir, 13

I enjoy Taekwondo because it’s fun, a good workout and you meet lots of new friends!



Anna Stieberova, 8

I like Taekwondo because you learn how to defend yourself



Megan Lewis, 12

I think Taekwondo is really fun to learn. It makes you stronger and and is very useful for self defence.



Ella Stenton, 11

It’s a really fun thing to do and I have learned loads!




James Fawcett, 13

I started Taekwondo because my dad used to do it and he suggested I tried it.

After the first few lessons I loved it and carried on!


Cameron and Saskia Sime, 9 and 12

We like Taekwondo because it is an interesting martial art and you learn how to defend yourself



Corey Tillock, 13

I started Taekwondo because I saw a demonstration at my school and I though it looked good. I’ve now been training a year and a half, I’m current World Champion and it’s still really good!