Daisy and Connie Morris, ages 7 and 5

My two daughters have a great time at DS Taekwondo. The eldest started 18 months ago and is half way to being a black belt. They both really enjoy it and besides the obvious benefits such as fitness and self defence we have also noticed that they have made lots of new friends and are also able to focus more in other areas, for example with school work. After taking them to classes for a year it dawned on me that I could be learning TKD as well and then we’d have an activity that we all shared. Now we can practice TKD together at home and have taken part in competitions which make a great family day out and is great for building self confidence. I’d say to other parents …bring your kids along so they can try it, the first few lessons are free, and when you do- why not have a go yourself!

Ged Morris - Daisy and Connie Morris, ages 7 and 5