Wesley Hall – Changes at DS Taekwondo due to the Government Restrictions

Changes to entering the building:

  • NO ENTRY via the front doors at Wesley Hall
  • We have to use the fire escape entrance at the bottom corner of the car park.
  • there will be a queue system to drop off your children and social distancing should be adhered to.
  • No parents are permitted into the building and the fire escape must be kept clear
  • Exiting the Building / Collection of your children will be via the rear fire escape to the building on Brick Street
  • Hand wash/sanitiser must be used when entering the building, please bring your own wherever possible
  • Please use your own pen whenever possible to sign the register.
  • The doors will be propped open to allow for ventilation and to reduce people touching the same surfaces
  • Toilet areas should be 1 in 1 out.
  • You must come to Taekwondo already changed and ready, changing in the toilets is not permitted
  • The foyer area is being given to the Slimming World Group so we are not allowed in there. The only people who can use the disabled toilet are those who are disabled.
  • Social Distancing will be implemented during the sessions and all windows/doors and fans will be used to create ventilation
  • If you are showing any symptoms of illness please do not attend class and inform Mr Shillabeer
  • All classes will begin 5 minutes later and end 5 minutes earlier to allow for change over of students from one class to the next and cleaning of equipment used
  • If you bring your child late to class you will have to wait till an appropriate moment to be allowed to join in the class so please be on time.
  • If you are late picking up your child i.e are not at the back door of the church to collect at 5 minutes before the hour then I will allow the child to come back in the dojang and wait. You will need to collect from the car park entrance after this time, as the fire escape will remain closed between classes, but will have to wait for an appropriate moment for the child to be collected.


So please help me to run the classes by adhering to the above for the time being.

Any questions let me know.

A full copy of the Risk Assessment is available on the website.

Due to the changes on numbers allowed in the space the new times at Wesley Hall will be:

  • Little Ninjas 4.10pm – 4.55pm
  • Junior Beginners 5.05pm – 5.55pm
  • Junior Advanced 6.05pm- 6.55pm
  • Senior Beginners 7.05pm – 7.55pm
  • Senior Advanced 8.05pm – 8.55pm