Lockdown 3 classes

Taekwondo classes will continue during the lockdown using Zoom for lessons. You can train twice as much as normal for the same training fee on any days, i.e 34 per month allows you to do any 2 sessions per week (Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun). Or even do 2 classes back to back. £46 can do any 4 lessons per week.

Also, see Zoom tips for online classes for more information on Zoom.

Class times on Zoom

Crookes – Mon / Fri

  • Little ninjas 4pm
  • Junior beginners 4.45pm
  • Junior advanced 5.30pm
  • Seniors 6.15pm

Stannington – Weds / Sun

  • Little ninjas 5pm
  • Junior beginners 5.45pm
  • Junior advanced 6.30pm
  • Seniors 7.15pm

Other options

If anyone cannot make their class times but still wants to train/be eligible to grade etc. Then there is an option to download the recording of your training session via Dropbox and do it in your own time. Please let me know if this would help you.
Any questions get it contact.

These are hard times for us all but Taekwondo teaches us to try and show INDOMITABLE SPIRIT.

Nothing is more important than your/your family’s physical and mental well-being and keeping training through all this will help strengthen the body and mind. Any parents of members who are feeling the stress at the moment and want to see what we do in the adult lessons let me know. If there are enough of you we could make a new class.

I and the club am here for you and we will fight through this together.

Yours in Taekwondo.
Mr Shillabeer