Formal Grading – March 2021


Wednesday March 31st.




5:00pm – White belt little ninjas
5.15pm – white belt junior and senior plus Riley Naylor
5.30pm – Yellow Stripe little ninjas (including Nicole Zhang)
5.45pm – Yellow Stripe (Dylan F, Sara A, Lucy OL, Arjun S, Stanley M)
6:00pm – Yellow Stripe (Hamza B, Peter L, Nicola M, Georgia M, Kenny M)
6.15pm – Yellow Belt
6.35pm – Green Stripe (Libby D, Zac and Jess H) plus Andrew Moxon,
6.55pm – Green Stripe Senior
7.15pm – Green Belts
7.40pm – Blue Stripes
8.05pm – Blue, Red Stripe, Red Belt.

Normal lessons

No lessons if not grading. Please pick another day in April to catch up if you normally train Weds.

Any Q’s please ask.
Kind regards.
Mr Shillabeer.