Formal grading, Wednesday 23rd June

Forge Valley School Sports Centre, Wood Lane, Stannington, S6 5HG.

  • 4.50pm – White Belts
  • 6:00pm – Yellow Stripes/ Yellow belts
  • 7:00pm – Green Stripes/ Green Belts/ Blue Stripes
  • 8:00pm – Blue belt and above.
  • (And Justin/Jill/Neva)

Arrive early with plenty of time to warm up/stretch/practice.
Group times are not fixed.
When the group in front of you is grading make sure you are ready to go and stay near the main entrance.
Grading groups will be posted on the tables outside the main doors.
Bring your grading pack to help you get the last few minutes practice in while you wait.

Grading groups may only take 10 -15 minutes (NOT AN HOUR) so parents don’t go far and make sure you are ready to collect your child from the fire escape. If you aren’t there you child will come back into the hall and have to wait while the next group grades. The doors will be shut during the grading.

Please help me to make the grading run as smoothly as possible.

No water bottles/coats etc. inside. Slip on shoes are good if possible.
Seniors if you have valuables you may bring them into the Dojang and put them at the back.
Any beginners who haven’t returned the Green Grading card with a photo attached you must come early and bring it to me.

Good luck to all that are grading this time!

Any questions let me know.

Best wishes
Mr Shillabeer