• Saturday 13th July!!
  • 12.00 till 5:00pm
  • Stannington Park

Please save this date!!

We will be doing a demonstration at 12.00pm for 1 hour then we have a stall 1:00pm – 5:00pm at this event.

I would like as many students as possible to attend please!!

If you would like to take part please message me. Anyone that can help with the demo please come for 11.30am to help prepare and set up.

Obviously the demo at 12.00 is very important however if you cannot make that time we still need people all day long doing Taekwondo in front of our stall.

We want people of all ages, belts etc. And you won’t be asked to do anything you are not good at like your new pattern for example!!!

So I would like to do a list of volunteers for helping at the stall as well as the main demo…
(Doing anything you want TKD related…. pad work, patterns, set sparring, blocking sticks, self defence stuff, free sparring, etc.).
Also chatting to potential new members and giving out flyers etc.


  • John C…. 11.30am till 12.30pm and the demo.
  • Jane B….3.30pm till 5.00pm
  • Steve S……demo and 1.30 till 2.30pm.
  • Bobby T…..all day!

Even if it’s only a small amount of time you can give.
And it’s no problem to go for a wander and then come back and do some more as long as the stall is not empty!!

Simply message Mr. Shillabeer with your name and if you can do the demo and also what time you can hang around our stall too.

It is a great event!
Get involved!!