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Add or edit a testimonial

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From the Testimonials Widget admin page either select the Add new menu item in the left hand menu or hover over a testimonial in the list and select the Edit option.

Testimonials have two main fields – title and description.

The title should be the name of the person (or persons) the testimonial is from. Optionally, if the person is a junior we include the age they were when the testimonial was written, for example:

  • John Smith
  • John Smith, age 12
  • Janet and John Smith, ages 10 & 12

The description is simply the testimonial itself.

Other fields

We use two other fields that this plugin provides to provide additional information – author and location.

We use author parent/guardian testimonials for the name of the parent/guardian plus the name(s) of the students. This is what gets shown on the website, but it allows list of testimonials on the admin page to just show the student names to make it easier to find when searching for a particular testimonial, for example:

  • James Smith – Janet and John Smith, ages 10 & 12
  • Dad – Jimmy Smith, age 14

Location is used for the date of the testimonial – the plugin does not provide a specific date field. Simply enter the date of the testimonial as <month> <year>, for example:

  • September 2014
  • March 2018