Laura Whitehouse

DS TKD is the perfect antidote to my busy life. I find training is extremely therapeutic, allowing me to regain my sense of self whilst reducing stress & improving mood. The instruction received from Mr Shillabeer is first class, providing a structured & motivational environment to push yourself physically.  In class people of all abilities work within their own limits, feeling comfortable & confident as they do so. Due to my TKD training I’m becoming fitter, stronger & more agile. My body is leaner & more defined. It’s really motivational to see an increase in fitness levels coupled with improving technique. Being able to throw cool kicks really does feel awesome!

It is an honour to be part of such a great club. At DS TKD, no matter what your age, gender, career, social status.. none of that matters. Everyone is training towards a common goal & more importantly, everyone is having fun! No one judges you. You can forget about everything outside of TKD and really focus on you & your health. It feels so good to work through the TKD syllabus feeling proud of what you’ve achieved & looking forwards to the next skills that you will learn.

I would honestly recommend this club to anyone; to individuals with no experience of any sport, to individuals who are proficient in martial arts. My advice would be, don’t procrastinate. Go along, give it a go and see for yourself.

Laura WhitehouseMay 2018