Lockdown 2.0 information

Hello DS Taekwondo member!

Despite me trying my best to keep us training in the dojang I have unfortunately been informed by both venues that they are closing to all bookings during this lockdown. However do not despair….


We will go back to using Zoom for the next few weeks.

The grading is set for 9th Dec and we will do it in the dojang if allowed or if not then the grading will also be done via Zoom.

Students would need to keep training to be eligible to grade so please take part in the zoom sessions if you can.

Class schedule is as follows:


  • Little ninjas 4pm
  • Junior beginner 4.45pm
  • Junior advanced 5.30pm
  • Senior beginner 6.15pm
  • Senior advanced 7pm


  • Little ninjas 4.30pm
  • Junior beginner 5.15pm
  • Junior advanced 6pm
  • Seniors 6.45pm

YOU CAN TRAIN TWICE AS MUCH as normal for the same price. I.e. once a week at £34 can do any 2 days per week, Twice a week at £46 can do all 4 days per week!

Zoom Meeting Room code is ……624 366 8715
And password is….. DSTKD123

Please login 1 minute before your class is due to start. If you’ve never used Zoom before don’t worry it’s really easy. See Zoom tips for online classes for more information.

Let’s show INDOMITABLE SPIRIT right now and fight through this together.

Any questions please get in contact.

Yours in Taekwondo.
Mr Shillabeer